Effective strategy for our nations future

Solving problems- Today

Back to basics for US citizens with environmentally sound and renewable resource!  

  1. grow bio fuel with minimal changes to current cars and infrastructure
  2. grow lumber/paper/disposables (sanitary) for growing population
  3. grow food/feed/bedding for growing population
  4. grow fabrics/textiles without depleting soils and chemical contamination
  5. grow oils to use for renewable plastics
  6. grow medicine and cures superior to chemical pharma
  • Immediate results

  • Cleans air, water, and soil mess from past generations
  • Freedom from foreign governments and wars over fossil fuels
  • Limits vulnerabilities by bringing renewable energy production, air, water, food, manufacturing, lumber, and textiles for country
  • Creates jobs in manufacturing, farming, robotics, textiles, and construction
  • Ability to balance and keep pace with all natural resources and population growth
  • Reduces federal spending on heath care (currently 20% of budget) by creating health and curing disease and cleaning air and water.
  • Reaches goals of global heath initiative, Paris agreement, and published renewable fuel standards
  • Relieves future generations of continued extraction pollution and remedying past pollution left by our "forefathers."
  • Reduces "climate change" numbers immediately by eliminating need for deforestation and releases control by foreign entities leaving our forests in tact.
  • Works for water pollution abatement to clean and regenerate soils, erosion control with no toxicity and no pesticides.
  • Natural detoxifier used at Chernobyl to absorb nuclear toxins from the soil. We should replicate on our western shores to absorb Fuckashima radiation.
  • Carbon neutral plant that reduces fossil carbon air emissions (at 4x) for better health while capitalizing on the carbon credit market to sell those credits to pay down national debt.
  • Fractured pipelines would be carrying vegetable oil and would not require Superfund clean up measures and remediation.
  • Redirects jobs and money from fossil oil/coal to hemp oils.
  • Redirects jobs and money from lumber to jobs in sustainable lumber.
  • Redirects jobs to fabrics, carpets, textiles near Main Street.
  • Eliminates possible misuse of eminent domain.