Esterification process

Esterification process for hemp methyl ester
process parameters were standardized in order to get
maximum ester recovery (93.89%) with kinematic viscosity
2.367 cSt and 1.13 cSt with ester recovery of 90.625%. Calorific
value of hemp oil was more whereas pour point of hemp
methyl ester was higher than that of diesel fuel but cloud point
of hemp methyl ester was lower than diesel. The flash and fire
points of hemp oil were higher than diesel fuel, however flash
and fire point of hemp methyl ester were lower than diesel fuel.
In addition, viscosity of hemp methyl ester was less than diesel
fuel. The properties of hemp seed based biodiesel were found
close to those of diesel fuel. Hence the methyl esters of Hemp
seed oil can be a prospective fuel or performance improving
additive in compression ignition engines.