Hemp – Farming & Cultivation

To date, 31 states have passed hemp legislation that allows their farmers to cultivate hemp according to guidelines set forth in the Farm Bill. Per these guidelines, U.S. farmers planted nearly 10,000 acres of hemp in 2016. Farmers and agri-business across the country have invested many millions of dollars in infrastructure to comply with federal law; this retroactive misreading of statute puts the livelihood of these law-abiding companies and individuals at risk.

2014 Farm Bill and the 2016 Omnibus Spending Law that the Controlled Substances Act does not apply to hemp grown in state pilot programs, and that it is a violation of federal law for agencies such as DEA to interfere with these programs
Harvest 120 days
Grows in most of the country
Grows in poor soil with
low water needs
High protein cattle feed
High biomass volume
No Pesticides/Herbicides
Carbon Credit to be tax credit
50K current markets for hemp products
1 acre = 6000# protein flour
1 acre = 168 Barrels (USA Daily Avg 8000 barrels)
Farm equipment assets last longer:
Cleaner fuel – 90% less carcinogenic than diesel
Regenerates soil
Energy Negative