Medical – Overdose/Toxicity not found

I feel comforted knowing that I am relying on my own research for my family. I simply cannot trust someone elses interpretation of evidence. Is that weird of me? Maybe. I feel it is my sacred duty as a parent to find the educational and peer reviewed sources for reference. When I go, I will be able to be proud of the actions I took to protect them from harm.

Overdose not found. This report was a relief to read (by credible sources)!! With so much misinformation published for 80 years, it is relieving to know that the science says a person cannot overdose on cannabis. Parents can breathe and take one thing off their list today.
THC/CBD Overdose Not found
Dense cannabinoid receptor concentrations have been found in the cerebellum, basal ganglia, and hippocampus, accounting for the effects of cannabis on motor tone, coordination, and mood state.[4] Low concentrations are found in the brainstem, accounting for the remarkably low toxicity of cannabis. Of note, lethal doses for cannabis in humans have not been described.
Cannabis use for up to 20 years is associated with periodontal disease but is not associated with other physical health problems in early midlife.…/jamapsych…/article-abstract/2526003