7-Methyl-3-methyleneocta-1,6-diene, is a substance widely found in nature, and is used as an intermediate in the production of aroma and flavor chemicals. It is used in foods and as a scenting agent in fragrances, cosmetics, soaps and other cleaning products.

Myrcene is more commonly known by other names such verbena, hops, thyme, houttuynia lemongrass, basil, cannabis, and other herbs. Myrcene in cannabis can be identified by its earthy hop-like aroma, also sometimes sweet and clove-like is also known for its anti-inflammatory, antifungal and pain relieving properties.  It is the sedating compound in cannabis. Higher concentrations, create sleepy or relaxing feelings. They cross the blood/brain barrier and increase absorption of cannabinoids and their medicinal effects bodies. Ingesting fruits like mangoes or pomegranates, apricots, carrots, or previously mentioned hops and herbs, which are also known to have high concentrations of Myrcene, will enhance the effects of cannabis if eaten beforehand.