Through our eyes

Our Creed:
We reveal our sacred ways to remind the children of earth what is possible.

Our Mission:
Lead the world in freedom, independence, and self sufficiency in harmony with natural laws of abundance, prosperity, and peace for humans, animals, creatures, and planet through botanicals offered by our creator and earth mother.

All plants are our brothers and sisters.

They talk to us and if we listen, we can hear them.

   Arapaho Proverb

Natives have always tried to balance their lives on the medicine wheel.  Each direction holds a focus representing the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental health, the sum equaling the spirit. The norms, governance, laws and life ways were based on a foundation of trust, honesty, and respect for all: people, things, the environment, and Mother Earth.  We are compelled to protect each gift we have been given.  The earth can provide for every need, but, not every greed.

It is no secret that native Americans have used the plant nations botanicals, roots, flowers, and herbs to administer to their population for centuries.  They taught colonists how to farm vegetables for food to survive winter and medicines made from the forest and the earth. We taught how make medicines out of bark (aspirin), mold (penicillin) and began Anesthesiology medicine by showing how to use hollow bird bones to administer medication our medicine man/woman created from botanicals.

As our nation and population grows, we have to make strides to feed, house, and clothe them.  Our current materials our killing us and the earth.   Between the materials we have been extracting (and the procedures to do that), the carbons we put in the air, and the deforestation of the planet, we melted the permafrost and extra methane and carbon gases are being released.  The methane leak in the Los Angeles, California, was the biggest in history.  Everything that has ever been created is still here.  We are quite literally on the brink of disaster. We simply must change material sources, now. Humans, wake up!!!

Returning to our sacred ways can save the earth and all her inhabitants.  Our nation needs a vision quest.  We believe Natives have that vision.  It is the dawn of a new era.  Embrace it!